Refrigeration, Air Conditioning,BURN OUT, Filter 163HH

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning,BURN OUT, Filter 163HH

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Refrigeration, Air Conditioning,BURN OUT, Filter 163HH

If you own a freon/refrigerant  recovery/recycle  unit then you know how important it is to take care of it.

Recovering gas from a "burn out" or "shorted to ground" system can cause a ton of damage to the recovery machine, your hoses and your gauges.

If your going to recycle the gas for reuse you must use a Filter-Drier made for burn outs.

These special driers, known as "HH" or "BURN-OUT DRIERS"  can remove dangerous acids that can damage your tools and equipment or the system itself, if you are going to recharge the system with the burnt out gas.

Once you have the kit you can buy just the filter-drier.

This is a large drier, it is actually 3/8" male flare so if you are going to use it with your rehular hoses you will need the 3/8" Female Flrae x 1/4 male adapters.

If you have a 3/8 Hose then you will not need any adapters.

The Filter is the "HH" style, Part# EMERSON, BOK-163HH, PCN: 060241

JS# B13-948

Most of the damage that occurs to recovery units is from foreign material entering the recovery unit and damaging the compressor.

If your recovery unit has a ""OIL-LESS" compressor, it is even more critical that you prevent foreign material from entering the unit.

Protect your expensive Tools and Equipment with this inexpensive "HH" Drier!