R744 Refrigerant, Carbon Dioxide, CO2, UN1013, Class 2, 14.5 oz. Recharge Kit
R744 Refrigerant, Carbon Dioxide, CO2, UN1013, Class 2, 14.5 oz. Recharge Kit

R744 Refrigerant, Carbon Dioxide, CO2, UN1013, Class 2, 14.5 oz. Recharge Kit

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R744 Refrigerant, Carbon Dioxide, CO2, UN1013, Class 2, 14.5 oz. Hi Pressure 

(1) R744, 14.5 Oz. High Pressure Cylinder 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 

**When the cylinder is in the upright position it will dispense gas. 

When the tank is inverted, or turned upside down it will dispense liquid. 

*Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with ALL Refrigerants including R744. 

*The system you are working on must have at least 60.4 psig. 

This is called "The Triple Point Pressure". 

This is the pressure that liquid, if introduced into the system, will turn to dry ice which you not want. 

When first introducing R744 into the system if the pressure is not above "The Critical Point Pressure or *CPP" of 60.4 psig you must first introduce vapor into the system until you are over The CPP Pressure of 60.4 psig. 

Many OEM equipment manufactures of R744 equipment recommend that you slowly continue the introduction of gas until you reach the pressure of to 75, 100 or even 145 psig before introducing R744 in a liquid state. 

Check with the manufacturer of the equipment as the have very detailed methods that they like the service technicians to use when servicing or charging their equipment. 

This kit will allow you to do whatever they require. 

**For more information On Charging a R744 system go to You Tube and enter, "How to Charge a R744 System", click on the one from EMERSON Refrigeration.

Once you have this kit you can purchase just the gas of even move to the larger R744 tanks with the direct CGA320 fitting. 

(1) Mastercool Model 55661 R744 Professional High Pressure Gauge Kit. 

  • Free-floating design results in less wear and tear compared to standard twisting piston valves
  • Double O-ring allows for tighter seal, resulting in less leaks
  • Oil filled, class 1% (1A), 2 3/4" gauges
  • Supplied with steel braided hoses for CO2
  • Easy to read temperature scales on gauge face
  • Solid extruded aluminum body
  • Large, easy to grip knobs
  • 1/4" SAE connection
  • Units: PSI/MPa
  • Refrigerant scale: R744

(1) Tank Adapter to CGA320 Male Fitting with on/off valve.

 * This connects to the tank and gives you on/off control. 

(1) CGA320 Nut, Stem and gasket. 

(1) W3-32, 1/4" NPT Female x 1/4" Male Flare 

* This connects to the tank adapter listed above. 

This will leave you with a a 2" nipple with a 1/4" male flare fitting that will connect to the R744 gauge set hose.  


Please note that CO2 should never be charged in liquid form unless the system pressure is above The Critical Point Pressure of 60.41 or greater depending on the equipment manufacturer. 

 If you were to do so, the liquid entering the system would suddenly change state, turning into dry ice and remaining in that state inside the system.