R22 Replacement R438, Same As MO99, 28 oz. Quick Switch Replace 22

R22 Replacement R438, Same As MO99, 28 oz. Quick Switch Replace 22

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R22 Replacement R438, Same As MO99, 28 oz. Quick Switch Replace 22

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R22, R-22 Replacement, R438a
 R438a which is the same as MO99.
R22 #1 Replacement , R438a
(1) 28 oz. "Self-Sealing" Disposable can.
(1) CGA600 Screw-On Can taper with 1/4" male flare hose connection and internal valve core.
New and with the new "self-sealing" can requirement. 

R438a which is the same as MO99,  is simply the best refrigerant if you are considering replacing the refrigerant in your old home air conditioning system.

Refrigerant R438a is ideal because it  cools as well as R22 while costing significantly less. 

Refrigerant R438a, same as MO99 refrigerant, has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective, non-ozone depleting retrofit refrigerant. 

In many cases, systems converted to this refrigerant are operating with the same mineral oil or lubricant that was used with the previous refrigerant. 

Refrigerant R438 same as MO99 refrigerant has shown to provide similar system performance as when operating with the previous refrigerant. 

Using these retrofit guidelines, direct expansion (DX) residential and commercial air conditioning, and medium and low temperature refrigeration systems containing R-22 can be easily and economically converted to refrigerant R438a/MO99. 

This allows existing equipment to continue operating safely and effectively for the remainder of its useful life.

Retrofit Choice for R-22 Direct Expansion Systems in Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning, Direct Expansion Chillers, Medium- and Low-Temperature Refrigeration

refrigerant R438a/MO99 is a non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerant designed to replace R-22 in existing DX residential and commercial AC and medium- and low-temperature refrigeration systems. 

Refrigerant R438a/MO99 is compatible with traditional and new lubricants; in most cases, no change of lubricant type during retrofit is required.

Oil return is determined by a number of operating and design conditions; in some complex systems, ester lubricant (POE) may need to be added. 

Minor equipment modifications (e.g., seal replacement) or expansion device adjustments may be required in some applications. 

Field experience has shown that refrigerant R438/MO99 provides performance that meets customer requirements in most properly retrofitted systems. 

Refrigerant R438a/MO99 provides similar cooling capacity and energy efficiency to R-22 in most systems, while operating at a lower compressor discharge

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