R12a, Refrigerant, 6 oz

R12a, Refrigerant, 6 oz

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  dura cool, R-12A Modern Refrigerant, Automotive A/C Refrigerant, 6 oz.

Refrigerant R12a
Replacement refrigerant (Canada) for R134a and R12 Refrigerants

Cost effective when compared to  R12 refrigerant and R134a "retrofits".

Natural refrigerant,  does not contribute to Ozone Depletion and does not contribute to Global Warming.

In full compliance with the UN Montreal Protocol

Leaking systems should be repaired and be leak free before recharging. 

Environmental regulations prohibit the mixing of refrigerants in a system. Existing Refrigerant in the system must be recovered by certified personnel before charging.

Each 6 ounce can of Duracool 12a is equal to approximately 17 ounces of R-134a refrigerant or 19 ounces of R-12 refrigerant