R11, RX11-Flush Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Flush

R11, RX11-Flush Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Flush

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RX11-Flush Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Flush


Part# 4300-09

Net weight: 15.7 Oz.

Rx11-flush is a unique solvent engineered specifically for flushing refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Based on patented HFC solvents developed by DuPont®.

Rx11-flush is ozone-safe, non-toxic, and non-flammable.

Used exactly like the old R-11 flushing process, its patented solvent formulation is powerful enough to flush away sludge, carbon residues, oils, acids, water and other particulate.

It enhances system’s service life and avoids the need for time-consuming repeat visits.

Rx11-flush is ideal for system flushing after burnouts, during retrofits and for flushing line sets for R-410A conversions.

Rx11-flush has been the industry’s standard for over a decade and contractors agree, it’s the best flush for R-410A retrofits and after compressor burnouts.

Over one million tons of system capacity has been successfully flushed with Rx11-flush solidifying its proven track record.

  • Low Boiling point enhances complete evacuation of flush
  • No oily residue left behind
  • Safe, nontoxic, and nonflammable
  • Formulated with patented solvent technology
  • Over a decade of proven success
  • Convenient pressurized package sizes 

From time to time, refrigeration and air conditioning systems suffer failures which result in contamination.

The most common such failure is a compressor burnout.

During such an event, the refrigeration system becomes contaminated with large quantities of disintegrating particulate, sludge, acids, carbon residues and possibly moisture. All of these contaminants must be removed before the system is returned to duty.

Rx11-flush, pioneered by the same chemists who produced the original R-11. Rx11-flush offers all of the benefits of R-11 without the environmental concerns refrigerant.

It is a powerful cleaner, stronger than R-11 ever was, and it is the best prescription to effectively scrub the inside of the refrigeration system.

It dries quickly, has a low boiling point (106°F), will not attack components, offers great worker safety ratings and is affordable.

Additionally, with the advent of 13 SEER equipment and the retrofit to R-410A equipment, Rx11-flush is the ideal solution for flushing line sets.

The Rx11-flush formulation is protected under U.S. patent. "Calgon" is a licensed name.


Description Size Part # Rx11-flush 1 lb. canister

Rx11-flush 1 lb. canister is recommended for a 3-4 ton system.