R11, 2 Lb. Can, Refrigerant For Line Flushing For A/C & Refrigeration Systems & Taper

R11, 2 Lb. Can, Refrigerant For Line Flushing For A/C & Refrigeration Systems & Taper

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(1) Part# 2 Lb. Can R11 Flush

(1) K28 Top-Mount, Screw-On Can Taper with 1/4" male flare hose connection

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Lines flush

Full Can 2 lbs.


Sealed Can Never Used 

Product is a safe and cost efficient solvent used to flush Air Conditioning and Refrigeration line sets during cleanings, installs, retrofits, change outs and burnouts.

Ensures peak system performance by removing contaminants, and freeing the systems from acid, moisture, buildup, and sludge.

Non-flammable and non-toxic.

Features and Benefits

• Cost Effective

• Leaves No Residue

• Non-Flammable & Non-Toxic

• Rinses Out Sludge, Acids, Oils and Water

R11 flush is a unique solvent that has been engineered for flushing refrigeration and air conditioning systems. 

Its patented HFC based solvent formulation is powerful enough to flush away sludge carbon residue oils acids water and other particulate. 

This makes it ideal for system flushing after burnouts retrofits and for flushing line sets for R410A conversions.

It is nontoxic nonflammable and is nonozone depleting. 

From time to time refrigeration and air conditioning systems suffer failures which result in contamination. 

The most common such failure is a compressor burnout. 

During such an event the refrigeration system becomes contaminated with large quantities of unwanted particulate sludge acids carbon residues and possibly moisture. 

All of these contaminants must be removed before the system can be returned to duty.