MP39, R401a, Refrigerant For Coolers, Freezers, 10 oz. Self-Sealing Can

MP39, R401a, Refrigerant For Coolers, Freezers, 10 oz. Self-Sealing Can

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(1) 10 oz. Can, R401a also known as MP39

The can is the new "Self-Sealing" style can as required by the EPA.

This can requires a CGA600 Can Taper to access the gas.

If you do not have a "CGA600" can taper please go to the "Can Tapers" category in our store and look for "CGA600" can tapers.

We offer the CGA600 can tapers in three styles; plain with a internal valve core, with a on/off ball valve and with a on/off valve and Check & Charge-It Gauge.

Once you have the CGA600 can taper it will work on all our NRT Tanks with the CGA600 top.

MP39, R401a, Refrigerant Coolers, Freezers, 10 oz. Disposable can

Refrigerant MP-39

Each can contains 10 oz. Of Refrigerant

Disposable can

The can contains 10 oz. of Refrigerant MP-39. 

Freon &  MP39 is an HCFC retrofit refrigerant for R-12 in stationary positive displacement air-conditioning and refrigeration systems such as walk-in coolers, beverage dispensers, vending machines, and supermarket systems.  

Field experience has shown that no oil change is needed in many unitary and close-coupled systems.


Medium- and low-temperature positive displacement equipment in supermarket systems and walk-in coolers.


  • Works with existing mineral oil (MO) in many unitary and close-coupled systems.
  • Alkylbenzene (AB) oil is recommended for optimum oil return.
  • One compressor oil change to AB will typically remove 50% to 80% of the existing MO, which satisfies the recommendations and requirements of most compressor manufacturers; 10% to 25% less refrigerant is needed. 

*An EPA certificate is required to purchase MP39

**Purchases for resale do not require any certification!
If you purchase this item you are asserting one or the other!