ENVIROSAFE Refrigerant w/ Dye A/C Recharge Can 6 oz.

ENVIROSAFE Refrigerant w/ Dye A/C Recharge Can 6 oz.

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ENVIROSAFE Refrigerant w/ Dye A/C Recharge Can 6 oz.

Enviro-Safe Refrigerant with Dye 6 oz. Can

One 6 oz. can of R12a Refrigerant with Dye.     

Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant with Dye is made of only the Most Pure, Quality, Refined ingredients available today.

Because Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant with Dye is so efficient, you use up to 30% less! 

Please see equivalencies below.

We are sure you are aware of other companies that market hydrocarbons that contain the “rotten egg or sulfur odor”.

This smell comes from the sulfur in a blend that is unrefined or from an additive called ‘mercaptin’ which some companies add for the odor itself.

Mercaptin is made from sulfur.

When sulfur is introduced to moisture, it becomes an acid.

Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant with Dye is different, because it is highly refined!

Enviro-Safe does not contain the “rotten egg, sulfur, propane” odor.

We add a fresh “Pine Scent” to our refrigerant to assist consumers in leak detection.

Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant with Dye is a non-ozone depleting product and is completely safe for the environment.

The products we market have been perfected over the years, and are now highly refined and computer blended to within 1/4 of 1% by a major American petrochemical supplier.

This means our products are consistent each and every time our customers use them!

Enviro-Safe carries a guarantee that Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant will not harm air conditioning, compressors or other related mechanical equipment when used in accordance with Enviro-Safe directions.

In most cases, Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant with Dye  is capable of delivering energy savings and will result in a considerable reduction in operating costs!

There are many advantages to using Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant.

It allows your system to operate with less head pressure and is extremely efficient! 

We have recorded energy savings of up to 40% over HFC-134a.

Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant also meets international standards such as—ISO 5149, BS 4434-1995, AS/NZS 1677 and ASHRAE 5149.

See the equivalencies below:

a 6 ounce can equals;

  16 ounces HFC134a
  18 ounces R-12 Substitutes

Can I mix Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant with R-12 or HFC-134a?

For locations outside the United States:

At the time of this publication, Enviro-Safe is not aware of any country, wih the exception o the United States, that does not allow mixing of refrigerants.  Enviro-Safe does recommend, however, that you research your local, state and/or federal laws concerning refrigerants.

For locations within the United States ONLY:

NO!  Although mechanically there is no risk of incompatibility or damage, there is legislation in place that prohibits such acts.  The US EPA prohibits the mixing of ANY refrigerant within the United States.  In the United States, it is illegal to mix any two or more refrigerants no matter what brand it is.

Enviro-Safe Refrigerant with Dye 6 oz. Can

 Enviro-Safe&; R-12a Refrigerant is lighter and more efficient than H.F.C. and C.F.C. products so you use less.

Are Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerants corrosive to air conditioning systems?

No! Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerants are non-corrosive, and do not form acids in combination with system moisture.

 Is it legal to use Enviro-Safe&; Refrigerant in automotive applications?

Yes, in most countries throughout the world.
In the United States, the US EPA adopted the SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy) concerning R-12 systems, global warming and ozone depletion. 

Pre-1994 mobile air conditioning systems operated on CFC R12, which has been ruled environmentally unsafe because it contributes to global warming and ozone depletion. 

All R-12 systems must be retrofitted prior to using any alternative or environmentally safe refrigerant. 

Please note:  In the United States, Enviro-Safe Refrigerant is not a drop in replacement for R-12.

Enviro-Safe Refrigerant may be used to replace HFC 134a and R12 substitutes in the majority of states within the United States. 

Enviro-Safe advises that you refer to your local, state and federal laws governing the sale and use of any refrigerant.